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Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship

Beth Israel Medical Center sponsors a Fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery, directed by Frances Cuomo, MD This is a graduate medical education program, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Dr. Cuomo and her partner, Peter D. McCann, MD, are both members of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons, and together provide the clinical teaching for the program whose goal is to foster research as well as the diagnosis and treatment, both operative and non-operative, of the comprehensive range of shoulder and elbow conditions. Recent study projects have included the efficacy of regional anesthesia for shoulder surgery, anatomic studies examining surgical approaches for shoulder replacement, and evaluation of tendon healing rates following rotator cuff surgery. Both Dr. Cuomo and Dr. McCann are regular lecturers at national professional shoulder meetings and have written numerous book chapters on shoulder and elbow topics.

The American Journal of Orthopedics

Peter D. McCann, MD is Editor-in-Chief of The American Journal of Orthopedics, one of the most widely-read professional orthopedic journals with a circulation of 30,000. In that capacity, Dr. McCann is responsible for reviewing all content of the journal, including basic research papers, case reports, extensive clinical reviews, and providing a forum for the analysis and discussion of topical non-clinical issues such as the relationships between orthopedic surgeons and the implant industry, graduate medical, education, and patient-directed hospitality service in the hospital environment. The American Journal of Orthopedics provides an excellent vehicle for the dissemination and clinical knowledge to the national orthopedic community and a forum for the discussion of relevant non-medical topical issues of the day.

Debra M. Parisi, MD of Beth Israel Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is a member of the Editorial Board of The American Journal of Orthopedics and is responsible for the criticism and review of papers in her field of expertise, surgery of the hand and wrist.

Hip Stat

Hip stat is a unique multidisciplinary program, spearheaded by a member of Beth Israel Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Steven J. Arsht, MD. This is a research program supported by a $100,000 grant from the Mary and David Hoar Fellowship Foundation, managed by the New York Academy of Medicine. The goal of the program is to provide high quality and expedited care for the treatment of patients who have sustained hip fractures with a program that includes the application of regional anesthesia upon presentation at the Beth Israel emergency room, expedited fracture treatment in our operating rooms, followed by a coordinated transfer to our inpatient rehabilitation service to maximize functional recovery. The goal of the program is to develop and prove that the management of patients with hip fractures can be improved with a coordinated, multidisciplinary program.

Design of Hip Replacement Prosthesis Spine Surgery

Donald M. Kastenbaum, MD is involved with the latest innovation and design of total hip arthroplasty systems, and engaged in ongoing clinical trials of these innovative designs. Our colleagues at The Spine Institute of New York are also intimately involved with ongoing studies involving healing rates following spine fusion procedures, the investigation of blood salvage techniques in major spinal reconstructions, as well as ongoing protocols reviewing cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery.

Graduate Medical Education

All attending members of Beth Israel Orthopedics and Sports Medicine hold academic positions at our affiliate medical school, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In that capacity, all partners are faculty members responsible for the teaching of many graduate students who rotate periodically through our service including students in the Physician Assistant program at Touro College, residents from the departments of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine, and fellows form the department of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. All partners are committed to continuing graduate medical education.

Patient Satisfaction

Finally, Dr. McCann leads the investigation reviewing improvement in patient satisfaction on our inpatient orthopedic surgery hospital floor. This initiative includes the creation of an innovative position at a hospital, the orthopedic concierge, whose charge is to address the nonsurgical needs of our patients. The goal of the program is to address all the non-clinical but equally important needs of in-patients and their families. It is our firm belief that attention to those essential non-medical needs certainly contributes to the ‘healing” environment and will improve patient satisfaction with our care. Dr. McCann has an ongoing interest in improving “hospitality” in hospitals.

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