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About Our Institution

Mount Sinai Beth Israel is a 1,106-bed, full-service tertiary teaching hospital that was founded on Manhattan’s Lower East Side before the turn of the 20th century. Beth Israel originally was dedicated to serving a vulnerable population in that community. Now a century later, the Medical Center serves individuals and families from every walk of life throughout New York City and beyond.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel orthopedic surgeons work at one of the highest volume orthopedic centers in New York City, performing more than 9,000 procedures annually and providing comprehensive care in every specialty of orthopedic surgery.

Highly Rated For Orthopedic Quality of Care

United HealthCare has named Mount Sinai Beth Israel a Premium Center for Total Joint Replacement and Spine Surgery, meaning Beth Israel meets or exceeds the recognized standards of care for these orthopedic sub-specialties.

In addition, Beth Israel has received the highest ratings for numerous orthopedic sub-specialties from a leading hospital ratings agency, and has received their awards for excellence in orthopedic surgery and spine surgery.

These designations are an acknowledgement that we are a high-quality orthopedic service and that you can choose a Beth Israel orthopedic surgeon with confidence.

Every Orthopedic Inpatient Receives Concierge Service

Unique among New York hospitals, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Orthopedics has augmented its outstanding nursing care with personalized Concierge Service to make each patient’s hospital stay as comfortable and stress free as possible. Independent surveys report Mount Sinai Beth Israel Orthopedics patient satisfaction scores are among the highest in New York.

We Not Only Care “For” You, We Care “About” You

The Mount Sinai Beth Israel orthopedic staff is committed to always providing our patients with very good care, and we are dedicated to the overall well-being of our patients.

Innovative Therapy

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mount Sinai Beth Israel has partnered with the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy to introduce new, creative healing techniques to our patients free of charge.

Studies have shown that alternative, non traditional therapies in combination with conventional medical treatments can assist in post-surgery rehabilitation.

We offer:

Reiki Therapy

  • A relaxation technique provided by Ms. Valerie Catania, an internationally recognized expert in Reiki therapy.  Learn more about Reiki at www.HealthAndHealingNY.org under complementary therapies.

Music Therapy

  • Tension release using music techniques for breath and body-mind awareness.  Learn more about music therapy at www.MusicandMedicine.org.


  • The practice of using natural aromatic oils from plants and flowers to induce relaxation, relieve pain and fatigue.

Therapeutic Touch

  • Designed to provide stress reduction and relaxation through the simple “laying of hands” by our professional staff.

These techniques enhance the traditional services of pain medication and physical therapy, aid in recovery and create a more comfortable healing environment during your stay at Beth Israel.

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About Our Institution

Beth Israel Medical Center
New York, NY

Beth Israel Medical Center is excited to be at the forefront of medicine with the latest technology and innovations.

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